Here are some of the things that we at TIM PETERS PHOTO are pretty good at. Take a look and please be sure to contact us if you have any questions or would like to schedule a photo shoot. Thank you.


A house is not just a building. It is a place that provides comfort and a sense of belonging. It has a spirit, a presence, a unique personality. Great real estate photography is not merely the process of documenting a structure, but capturing its essence as a home.

Today many people start the search for a realtor or a new house on the internet. You have a few seconds to grab their attention and make an impression. Having some professionally taken photographs of your listings can give you the edge in getting someone to choose you over a competitior. Professional real estate images will show prospective sellers and buyers that you take your business seriously.

My goals when approaching an architectural photography project are simple. Does the seller feel like their home is shown in the best possible way? Can the buyer picture themselves in the space? I use available light when I photograph a building which gives the image a very natural appearance. My aim is to show a home’s true potential and not to misrepresent a property with harsh lighting and Photoshop tricks. Everything that you see here is an honest representation of the properties and their environment.

Please do not think that professional real estate photography is only for large multi-million dollar listings. Much of my time is spent photographing more modest homes. Professional photographs will give you a real advantage over your competition and make your listings stand out in a crowded field.

Please contact me if you would like to learn more about the benefits of professional real estate and architectural photography.

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You know the old show business saying, "Never work with kids and animals." There is no doubt that taking an animal's portrait can be tough.

A special skill is required to capture the right moment when a dog or cat (or ferret or rat) reveals their true personanlity. Often the action in front of the camera can be fast and a bit hectic. You have to have everything ready and be able to recognize the very instant the animal opens up.

I volunteer my time and services to take portraits of the animals up for adoption at the Second Chance Animal Center in the hope that it helps to find them homes more quickly. It seems to be working. Some of the photographs shown in the gallery are from these sessions. These animals are often excited and sometimes a little nervous getting out of their enclosures. Many are strays or have been abandoned which adds to their wariness of being photographed. Using a calm and gentle approach, I almost always get them to show their true nature if only for just a second or two.

Any questions? Go ahead and ask here.




Do you have a web based business or just getting started with one? You need some good images to show off your products. Maybe you have a retail business that needs a stronger marketing and branding message. Highlighting some of your best products is a good way to go.

If your business is in the restaurant and hospitality industry you should have some compelling photographs of your products and services. You pay a lot of attention to the quality of your food. Your creations deserve the same attention with professional food photography versus taking a quick snapshot with your phone. Right?

What are your goals and aspirations for your business and its products? Let me know and we can work it out together.




Need a traditional or corporate headshot? How about something a little different and creative? Perhaps a portrait that looks more like it's a candid shot? Does your band need an album cover picture for its new limited pressing 180 gram vinyl record?

Some people don't mind posing for a portrait. Others are not keen on having their picture taken. I know how you feel. I would much rather be behind the camera than in front of it. The important thing about getting a good shot is feeling at ease and having a little fun. I can help with that. Then you will look your best.

Want to give a go? Let me know. Thanks.